3 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure in Wisconsin

Behind on mortgage payments? Losing sleep over the thought of losing your house? Haven’t asked for help because you’re afraid of the embarrassment? What should you do when facing foreclosure in Wisconsin? Don’t blame yourself for the situation you’re in. A Foreclosure DOES NOT Define You. Foreclosures happen for a number of reasons, and to homeowners all … Continued

Who are the cash house buyers in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

You’ve seen the “we buy houses in Milwaukee” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… even in other cities across WI… so who are these cash house buyers in Milwaukee Wisconsin?  Are they legit? How does it work?  Who should I trust? We’ll dive into these questions here in this … Continued

5 Steps To Sell Your House By Yourself In Racine, Wisconsin

So… you landed on this page about “How to sell your house by yourself in Racine, Wisconsin“ because of a few reasons. I’m guessing… You have little to no equity in your house so you can’t afford to pay a real estate agent’s commission You have equity but want to try to save money selling … Continued