Can You Get Your House In Wisconsin Back After Foreclosure?

If you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure, you may be wondering “Can I get my house in Wisconsin back after foreclosure?”
Unfortunately, it is very hard to get your house back after the court rules in favor of the lender.

Instead of wondering, “Can you get your house in Wisconsin back after foreclosure?” Here’s another option…

The good news is, if you’re not in foreclosure yet, you have options.

The first and best option is to pay off your mortgage or work out a payment plan with your lender. They’ll prefer to keep you in your house and collect the money owed to them.

If you aren’t able to pay off your mortgage or workout a payment plan with your lender, there’s another option. Most homeowners facing foreclosure choose to sell their home before the home is foreclosed on and pay off the lender in full.

While we know this seems to be the same thing as letting the lender take back the house (because you’ll still have to give up your house). It’s still a preferable option to foreclosure. By selling your house, you’ll be able to clear up your debt to the bank and it won’t affect your credit score. Unlike if you let your house get taken back by the bank. There will be a long-term impact to your credit score, making it difficult to take out loans in the future.

This option is proactive and long-term, which is why homeowners facing foreclosure benefit: it’s proactive because you’re taking control of your financial situation; it’s long-term because you’re accepting the short-term discomfort of selling your home in exchange for the long-term benefit of a better credit rating. Losing your home at the beginning will be difficult, but trying to recover with even worse credit will be even harder.

Here’s a secret to selling your Wisconsin home fast, so the bank can’t take it!

When trying to avoid foreclosure, the most important thing to do is to act fast! This situation is time sensitive and you want to act now before it’s too late, even if you think you have time. We’ve had sellers reach out to us but they were already too far into the foreclosure process for us to help them.
You might be wondering “How do I find a buyer that can pay my full owed amount with cash?” (after all, most buyers need to get a bank loan approval and that can take too long, or the bank loan may not be approved). Instead of wasting the little time you have trying to find a buyer, there are companies like ours. We will buy your house as-is for cash and can get it closed in as little as 15 days or on a later date if you have enough time to find a new place.

Simply fill out our form and tell us about your house, or just call us at 262-228-8505 and let us know that you want to sell fast.

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