Cash For Homes In Kenosha-Racine Wisconsin – The Latest Trend We’re Seeing

we pay cash for homes in Kenosha-Racine

It’s easy to spot the signs in Wisconsin saying “We pay cash for homes in Kenosha-Racine!

Here at At Home Buyers we wanted to provide you some information and write an article on what these companies can do for a local home seller.

Are you trying to sell your home so you can relocate? Especially with the cooler weather coming in, I’m sure the thought of a warmer state has crossed your mind. Have you been playing the waiting game and are about ready to give up? Are you in a situation (foreclosure, house inheritance, divorce, etc.) where your house is putting you in a bind and being a burden to you and your family?

These are the types of situations where the “Cash for homes in Kenosha-Racine Wisconsin type of services could benefit you.

So What Is This Whole “Cash For Homes” Thing Mean?

Our At Home Buyers‘s cash for homes program in Kenosha-Racine is simple.

Other companies in Wisconsin most likely offer a similar program… often with minor differences.

The main differences between one “cash for home” company and another are…

Here are 5 main differences between one “cash for home” company and another…

  1. The Offer Amount – This usually varies from each company’s assessed risk on purchasing a property. (Determined ARV & estimated costs of repairs)
  2. History & Credibility in helping local Kenosha-Racine home owners. – There are local and national companies. At Home Buyers is local Wisconsin company.
  3. Closing Costs – Will the company pay closing costs? (we usually pay all closing costs)
  4. Speed of Closing – Some local investors in Racine claim a closing time of 7 days, but this is a false claim. A realistic closing time for title companies in Racine specifically is typically 21 days.
  5. After Closing – Companies differ in what they do with the house after it is bought. Some rehab and sell at retail, others buy and hold for rental properties. We do both, but our main goal is to increase the number of homeowners in Racine, because we believe that a homeowner takes more pride and care of their property versus if they rented. In theory, this would increase market value of Racine homes.

To keep it simple, if you see a “cash for houses” sign in or around Kenosha-Racine, the company is simply offering a service as an alternative to the traditional route of listing your house with a real estate agent.

Our Local Kenosha-Racine Cash For Homes Program – How It Works

This is how the process works with At Home Buyers

  1. Fill out the brief form on this site (1 min) or give us a call at 262-228-8505. This helps us learn basic info about your house so we can make a confident and calculated fair offer on your house. Many “cash for houses” or “we buy houses” companies throw out low ball offers without learning about your house. We want to make sure our offer is fair and the highest we can make.
  2. Take as much time as you need to see if the offer is right for you. There are no hassles when working with us. We make you a fair offer, you can then take that offer and talk to people you trust, shop it around, whatever. We never want to do a transaction unless it’s an absolute fit.
  3. We draw up the paperwork and handle everything from start to finish. You just have to show up at closing on the date of your choice, and sign the paperwork.
  4. You get cash in your hand quickly, rather than waiting months and months selling the traditional route.

Give Us A Try! See How Our Fair Offer On Your Kenosha-Racine Wisconsin Area House Stacks Up! Start Below…

Step 1: Give us a call at 262-228-8505 or fill out the short form on this website

Step 2: We’ll connect with you with your offer and to discuss the options

Step 3: Make a well educated decision on what your best option is.

Go fill out the form on this website and let us know if you have any questions!

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