5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Complete This Fall in Kenosha-Racine

As fall arrives in Wisconsin, several home maintenance tasks are necessary. Keeping your Kenosha-Racine house well-maintained not only increases its value, but it also saves you a ton of cash on unnecessary repairs.

But after enjoying the long warm summer evenings, it’s all too easy to forget about home maintenance in the fall.

What are the essential home maintenance tasks you should complete this fall in Kenosha-Racine?

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Home Maintenance for Kenosha-Racine in the Fall

Getting your house ready for winter is vital. Preventative maintenance makes sure your furnace is in good order, your gutters are clear, and your roof won’t leak. Because many Wisconsin homeowners forget about fall maintenance, it can be tricky getting in contractors or repair companies if something does break down in the middle of winter.

Let’s look at five areas that you should pay attention to in your fall maintenance program.

1. Furnace and heating system

Servicing your furnace and heating system is the first home maintenance task to complete this fall in Kenosha-Racine. Even though the Wisconsin weather is still mild, it’s not long until you’ll need to fire up the furnace. Late August or early September is the best time to service your heating system.

Replacing the filters is the first maintenance task. After that, arrange a professional contractor to clean all air ducts and go over your heating system. Cleaning the furnace ensures that it works efficiently—saving you money on energy bills. Also, cleaning the heating system every year extends its life.

2. Chimneys and the Fireplace

All chimneys need thorough cleaning every fall as part of your home maintenance schedule. Getting the ducts cleaned ensures there is no soot or creosote buildup. Not only does a blocked chimney make a fireplace less efficient, but it also poses a dangerous fire hazard.

3. Plumbing system and water lines

Fall is an excellent time to check that all water-supply lines are adequately insulated. A burst pipe can cause horrendous damage in a home and can be costly to repair. It’s also an excellent time to look for drips and leaks. A leaking pipe in a basement can go undetected for many months. During that time, dampness and mold develop, which can affect your family’s health.

4. Gutters and Downspouts

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After all the leaves have dropped, it’s time to clear out all debris from the gutters. Many Kenosha-Racine suburbs have beautiful trees with amazing colors in the fall. But those leaves can clog gutters. The result is water that starts to rot the house’s structure.

Clean gutters ensure that any melting snow runs off your roof freely and away from your property. Also, when heavy downpours occur in spring, you’ll not have to worry about water damage in your property.

5. Roof inspection

Inspecting the roof is a crucial home maintenance task to complete this fall in Kenosha-Racine. Of course, getting to the roof can be dangerous. So, you may want to think about getting a professional to check for missing shingles or tiles.

Late fall and winter are seasons when Wisconsin experiences strong winter winds, freezing rain, and snow. This combination can force water into places on your roof that it would never usually get there.

Maintaining Your Kenosha-Racine Home This Fall

Regular fall maintenance can keep your Kenosha-Racine home in good repair. Preventative serving and repairs ensure that your home continues to rise in value. You will never be in a situation where you must sell your home in an “as-is” condition because there are too many repairs needed. After you have done these five maintenance tasks, you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is a secure haven for your family this fall and winter.


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