How A Small Kenosha-Racine Home Buying Business is Beating Its National Competitors

Have you ever wondered how those big national house buying companies work? Well, in this article I’m going to reveal the secret behind their business models, and how a small scale home buying company in Racine, WI is winning with happier customers and beating the big-budget brands.

Karen’s Story: Why She Decided To Sell Her House To A Home Buying Company

After Karen’s parents passed away, she inherited her childhood home. She decided to fix it up and move in!

Karen soon realized that if she wanted to sell her old house the traditional way, she would need to go through the hassle of repairs and renovations, a second time.

In order to avoid the hassle again, she figured the easiest and most convenient solution would be to sell to a company that will buy her house in as-is condition and pay in cash. For Karen, that meant:

  • No costly repairs or renovations
  • No listings with a Realtor
  • No waiting for offers
  • No typical closing costs or commissions

She could quickly move on and be done with her house, in less than a month.

Karen’s next steps were simple…

She contacted two home buying companies. One, a big well-known National Home Buyer and the other, At Home Buyers, a small company based in Racine, WI. Within a few days, she received two different offers and two different experiences.

And as you know by the title, she chooses the little guys…

If you’re wondering about the offer Karen received, visit the page explaining how we formulate our cash offers. We also reveal the exact Cash Offer Formula on a house purchased in Racine, WI.

So how is it that a small business can give a better experience, be more professional, and make a better offer?

First, let’s take a quick look at how National Home Buying Companies work…

How The National “We Buy Houses” Companies Work In Racine & Kenosha, WI

There are two types of national companies that buy houses in Racine & Kenosha, WI.

National Franchise Model

We Buy Houses Franchise in Racine-Kenosha Wisconsin

The franchise model is where a person pays an expensive franchise fee and continues with monthly marketing fees to use the company name and act as an agent of the major brand.

People often buy into the franchise because it’s a streamlined way to start investing in real estate by plugging into a recognized brand, developed systems and processes, and marketing that’s managed by the corporate company.

The nearest national franchised companies run their operations in the larger metro areas such as Milwaukee and Chicago.

The franchisees might not be as familiar with Kenosha & Racine since they mainly service the major metro areas. This can affect their offer because of their unfamiliarity and uncertainty of the Kenosha-Racine market.

National Lead Service Model

The second type is a lead service model for real estate investors and agents. When you call or input your information on the national lead service website, you’ll talk with an agent at a call center and they collect details on you and your property.

The national lead service companies share your information with nearby real estate investors that are registered on the companies’ private databases.

Lead service companies either set up a bidding system where the investor that pays the most will get access to your information, or the investor pays a subscription to have access to customer data in a specific area.

The “Real Estate Investors” that contact you, typically do not represent the national companies, meaning you won’t know who the buyer is or what they look like until they first come to your door. These investors might be able to buy your home for cash, but they may not have an established brand or reputation.

National Home Buying Companies

  • Spend Millions of Dollars Nationwide on Advertising
  • Expensive Marketing and Franchise Fees
  • Sells Your Information
  • Unfamiliar With The Area
  • Unknown Home Buyer

At Home Buyers

  • Spends Very Little Advertising Locally
  • Private, Family-Owned Company
  • Never Sells Your Information
  • Based in Racine, WI
  • We Are The Buyer!

How We Beat Our Bigger Competitors Every Time…

  1. We offer a better experience because we care deeply about the people and the community. Our team has a direct connection to Racine & Kenosha and the people are more important to us than the house.
  2. We’re more professional because we ARE the business; our service and your experience is a direct reflection of us as genuine, caring people.
  3. We’re a family-owned company, meaning we pay ZERO dollars on franchise fees and we spend A LOT LESS on advertising compared to our national competitors. This allows us to give you a better offer!

If you’d like to see the exact Cash Offer Formula, just follow the link to see a real-life example with numbers of a house recently purchased in Racine, WI.

So, before you waste your time with the “ugly guys”…

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Meet Anne Yust

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