The Easy Way To Sell A House Out Of State

Selling a house  is already a difficult task. Now add the obstacle of living thousands of miles from the house you’re trying to sell and you’ve just compounded the challenge.

Why Would You Need To Sell A House Out Of State?

Having to sell a house out of state can happen from several situations. Maybe you had to urgently relocate due to a job, or family emergency. You’ve found a new place to live in your new city and making frequent trips back to your old home to manage repairs and clean up to get ready for showings and open houses, just isn’t feasible.

Or maybe you’ve inherited a home and it’s no where near you. Coordinating everything in an area you haven’t lived in for years can be a real pain. You already have enough on your plate with work, family, and obligations with your own home. You may not have even wanted the property to begin with.

Or maybe it’s a rental property that has been causing you more of a headache than being a good investment, like everyone said it would be. The house needs a lot of repairs and your property management company is asking for thousands of dollars to get it up and running again.

If your mind is scrambling for a solution, you can stop now and feel more at ease knowing there’s an easy solution. I’m going to share with you the easiest way to sell a house without ever having to step foot in it.

How To Sell A House Out Of State – The Easy Way

You can easily sell a house out of state by finding a local investor to purchase the house in as-is condition. In the YouTube video, I tell the story of a landlord who lives on the East Coast and why she reached out to us to purchase her property.

How To Sell A House Out Of State – At Home Buyers | Racine, WI

Since recording this video I actually purchased this property. The owner was able to sell her house without ever coming to Wisconsin. We simply sent her the documents and she notarized the signatures at her local post office. The transaction was made through our local, reputable title company (Summit LDS). We gave funds to the title company before closing, and on the day of closing they distributed the funds to the seller to ensure the sellers protection and full payment from us.

How To Find A Local Investor To Buy My House Out Of State

You might be wondering, “who will buy my house as-is, out of state?” You want to make sure you find someone trustworthy and reputable. Now-a-days the internet can actually be a good place to look if you look for these 3 things:

  1. Professional Website – They have a professional looking website that comes up when you do a search like “We Buy Houses in Kenosha“, “Cash Home Buyers in Racine,” “Companies that buy houses in Milwaukee.”
  2. Videos/Blogs – The company shares videos and written articles that provides valuable information for  homeowners.
  3. Testimonials – You can find video testimonials of the company on YouTube or written reviews on Google and Facebook

Why Sell My House To A Local Investor?

There are also national home buying companies you could sell your house to, and you want to keep in mind a few things when deciding on whether you should sell to a local company or a national one.

Local investors know the area well and are more confident with market pricing for specific areas of your city. For this reason, a local investor could offer you more than the national companies. The easy way to find out is to reach out to both a national investor and a local one and compare their prices.

We love crafting win-win solutions for people in our community. It’s what we strive for with every purchase we make. If you’re in the surrounding areas of Racine, Kenosha, or Milwaukee, we’d love to hear about your house and help you figure out your options.

Call us anytime at 262-228-8505. Or fill out the form here and we’ll contact you.


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