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Selling your Kenosha-Racine house to relocate to another state is a stressful time. Moving long-distance requires excellent preparation, foresight, and reducing your stress as much as possible. Here At Home Buyers, we’ve got plenty of experience in helping people sell their homes if they need to relocate.

So, we thought that we’d share some advice that we’ve gained from other home sellers in Wisconsin.

6 Secrets How to Reduce Stress When Moving Long Distance

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So, now you’ve sold your Kenosha-Racine, WI, house, and you’re ready for the long-distance move. What can you do to limit stress to a minimum? Here are six things that we’ve learned from Kenosha-Racine residents.

1. Pack like a pro before relocating

The key to relocating without any stress is to pack like a pro. There are plenty of tips and tricks to ensure you pack everything well. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to itemize everything you pack. If you use boxes, number each box and record each item that’s in the box. Here are a few secrets about making packing easier:

  • Wrap up clothes in your dresser drawers
  • Use clothing to pack up loose space in boxes
  • Pack items within each other
  • Use linens and towels as backing material
  • Or, pack bed linen in black trash bags and use to pad boxes

2. Downsizing before a long-distance move

Before you move, downsizing is essential. After all, you have to pay for anything you decide to take with you. So, get rid of as much stuff as possible, especially if you rarely use it. In many cases, the money you save on transportation can be used to buy new things in your new place.

Here are a few secrets about relocating and avoiding stress:

  • Get rid of clothing that you’ve not worn in the last 12 months
  • If you don’t love the item or need it, take it to the local thrift store
  • Don’t pay the cost of transporting heavy furniture, if you don’t need to

3. Hire the right movers to relocate to a new state

A successful move to another state requires hiring the right removal company. Always hire a reputable company well ahead of time. Make sure that they are insured and also insured to transport items out of state. If you have valuable or sentimental items, try to keep them with you if possible.

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If you have rare or valuable items that go in the removal truck, take out extra insurance in case the worst happens.

4. Make the long-distance move in your car

You could consider making the long-distance move by driving your car. You could turn the relocation into an exciting road trip for the family. In many cases, shipping a vehicle is expensive, and they don’t always arrive when you need them. The last thing you need is for you to be stuck in a new town without any transportation.

5. Plan to buy some new things

When moving long distances out of state, it’s a good idea to take as little as possible. Then in your new place, you can buy what you need, when you need it. You can raise some cash before you go by making a garage sale or listing things for sale on eBay. You will save yourself a lot of stress and hassle by taking less with you.

Then, in your new home, you have the excitement of getting new things that match your new home’s décor.

6. Be patient

Most of all, remember that it will take a few weeks to adjust to your new town and new state. You have to deal with the emotional upheaval of leaving a cherished home and friends behind. So, be patient with yourself and those around you.

Are you looking to relocate without any stress? Give At Home Buyers a call now at 262-228-8505 or fill out this form, and we will be in touch right away!

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