Selling a House in Kenosha-Racine — 3 Way to Tell Real Estate Agents Apart From Investors

If you are thinking of selling a house in Kenosha-Racine, it’s clear you want two things. You need to sell your house for the best price and you need to sell it in a reasonably short time. When you need to sell your house, you will come across agents and investors. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling your house to an investor or selling through a real estate agent?

The success of selling your house depends greatly on the methods you use. There will be no shortage of professionals who are willing to help you sell your Kenosha-Racine home. However, not everyone helps in the same way. For example, real estate agents work completely differently from property investors. Which is best?

To help you choose the best way to sell a home in Wisconsin, we’ve compared the methods that agents and investors use. This review helps you make an informed decision on which one to choose.

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How to Successfully Sell a Home in Kenosha-Racine

Let’s put side by side with different ways that investors and agents work to sell real estate for the best price and in the fastest time. 

Listing houses vs. buying houses

The easiest way to tell agents apart from investors is to ask how they plan to sell your house. Will they list it or buy it? 

Real estate agents list your house on a listing service. They will then try and engage potential buyers and interest them in your property. In most cases, the selling process can take around three months and multiple prospective buyers will look around your house. 

Investors offer to buy your house directly from you—and usually for cash. Selling to an investor means that you don’t have to wait to sell your home. Also, you can sell your home quickly in any condition. 

Here at At Home Buyers, we buy houses in Kenosha-Racine. If you want to sell your house and have the deal completed within seven days, please enter your information below to receive a fair price offer. 

Timeline to sell

The difference between agents and investors is that agents can specify a timeline to sell your home. 

This is understandable because selling your house through an agent depends on multiple variables. For example, they need to find the right buyer and the market has to be right to sell your house in Kenosha-Racine fast. Usually, listing your home with an agent means that you’re looking at between three and ten months before your house sells.

The benefits of selling your Wisconsin home to an investor is that they will tell you exactly when they can buy it. As already mentioned, investors usually close real estate deals in a week or less. However, if you plan to sell your house at a later date, that is also fine. 

Commission vs. no commission

One of the crucial differences between selling your home to an investor or through an agent is cost. There can be a difference of tens of thousands of dollars between these methods. 

A real estate agent makes their money from commission on the sale of your house. In Wisconsin, agents charge around 6% and, depending on the value of your home, this figure could range between $6,000 and $100,000 a house.

Selling your house to an investor costs nothing. There is no commission to pay and no hidden fees. How do investors make their money? They buy houses as an investment to either rent or fix up and sell. 

Selling Your House to an Investor or Agent: In Conclusion

If you’ve read this post and recognized the benefits of selling to an investor, then please get in touch with us. You can call us at 262-228-8505 or enter your information below. You be surprised at how much you can sell your house in a short time.

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