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We are a Local SE Wisconsin Home Buying Company based out of Racine, WI. We’ll make you a cash offer to buy your home quickly and hassle-free. We can close in as little as 15 days (or on the date of your choosing), regardless of the condition. We’ll come view your home, and give you a no-obligation cash offer.

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How to Sell Your Wisconsin House Fast…

Let’s talk about some reasons why you may want to find a “we buy houses,” company or cash investor.

Divorce – Unfortunately divorce happens, and you’re not alone. It is an emotional and stressful situation, but selling your house doesn’t have to be. Most people going through a divorce would rather have a quick cash closing so they can move on with their lives faster. A conventional real estate sale can be a long drawn out process, often taking several months. Companies like ours can be a great option because we buy WI homes with cash and close in as little as 15 days.

Probate or inheriting a property – Probate is the legal process of proper distribution of a deceased person’s assets. Probate can be a stressful process to go through as the executor tries to honor the wishes of the deceased. If you are in Wisconsin, give us a call and we can help get you through the probate process and close the estate.

Facing Foreclosure – Foreclosure can be a very intimidating process because the bank wants to reclaim the property. The foreclosure process starts with default letters. This is the bank telling homeowners they are behind on payments. If the default letters are not responded to (or payments are not corrected) the bank will begin the legal process of foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure in WI, give us a call. We can help stop foreclosure and move you on to a fresh start.

Evicting a Tenant – Being a landlord is not an easy task for anybody (that’s why there are so many property management companies!). Yet, there are a lot of homeowners that still choose to rent a property out. This could be an investment property or it could be a situation in which they inherited a property and potentially a tenant as well! The eviction process can be stressful and a long drawn out process with a troublesome tenant. We have bought properties from landlords (with the tenant inside) so they did not have to worry about going through the eviction process. This is especially true if a tenant is a family member.

Ugly House – Houses need a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Overtime a house is going to need a new roof, new windows, and new HVAC systems. If you own an older house, you are going to deal with bringing the electrical and plumbing systems up to standard code. These repairs are very expensive and most people looking to sell a house are looking at spending close to $20,000 to get it to market. But there is a way to sell a house needing repair work. Selling to a company that buys houses (or a cash for houses investor) will allow you to sell without making any repairs. We often buy houses from homeowners who just want to sell the property without having to spend time or money on repairs. Our cash offers are “AS-IS” meaning you don’t have to fix a thing!

Selling a House Without an Agent – When people think “I need to sell my house,” most people immediately feel they need a real estate agent. Listing a property is a process.

  1. You have to have several open houses to allow complete strangers to walk through your house, not even sure if they want to make an offer.
  2. If you were to get an offer within the first few weeks you will have to wait 30-60 days in order for the conventional buyer to get their financing in place.
  3. Even if you do accept a contract, a buyers financing might fall through or a home inspector might scare them away.
Expect to net about 85% of your list price. If you want to sell a house without an agent please give us a call. We can provide a quick cash offer and fast hassle free closing. When we make an appointment to view your house we have the full intent of purchasing it.

We Buy Houses in Racine, Kenosha, and Milwaukee Counties. Connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation, no-hassle, all cash offer. What have you go to lose?

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